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Hello, I am Louise, a clinical Hypnotherapist dedicated to working with you to help you achieve your goals using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. This modern, research-based approach will enable you to make long lasting positive changes in your life with a focus on the present and the future.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is helpful in many areas such as anxiety, problematic repeated behaviours, phobias, persistent low mood, weight management, pain etc.

portrait of Louise Gibson

Clinical Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. DSFH, HPD, DipHE Adult Nursing, MAfsfh (reg), CNHC (reg), NCH (reg)

‘I would 100% recommend Louise! I already have to a few people. She made me feel totally at ease and the sessions are informative (the talking part) and very relaxing (the hypnotherapy part). She is warm, friendly and knows her stuff! Between sessions I can use what I have learned. I recently had a session before an interview to help with nerves ....and I got the job! The hypnotherapy really helped me feel calm and prepared’

(Scarlett, 2023)

‘I was diagnosed with depression in September 2022 and was waiting for counselling from the NHS. When I saw the message on Facebook about Hypnotherapy I was sceptical but asked for help anyway. Lou got in touch and was very professional in her manner which put me at ease. I was also very nervous about our first session via zoom but once we began chatting I felt very much at ease talking to Lou. She asked me to explain how I felt and I told her that I blamed my failings on issues from the past, these issues were constantly being brought back into my life and making me miserable. Lou then explained the brain and it's functions giving examples of how it works and performs, giving examples of primitive man and how the carried out their lives. She then explained about the Stress Bucket which stores all the bad thoughts and information and then told me how important it was to empty the bucket. This made complete sense as the Stress Bucket was full of my bad experiences and the thing I always went to when things went wrong or got bad. We did our first session of Hypnotherapy and I was still sceptical, however after several weeks I started to feel an improvement in my moods and thought process. For the following sessions I was amazed at how much Lou remembered and she always bought up positive projects I had been working on, she has a nice way of making you feel comfortable and important. Our sessions continued and I suddenly noticed a huge change in my whole attitude. I never blamed my failings on the past, in fact I had completely block it from memory, when things went wrong, which they inevitably do in life, rather than throw in the towel as I used to do, I just found another way and got on with it. It wasn't until other people started to say how different I had become that I realised what a success it had been. When I started the process Lou had asked me about my current mood from one to ten, I said I was a six, on the final session she asked again and I said 9.8. She always wanted me to get to 10 but I am a realist, if I am at 10 the only way is down and 9.8 I have scope to go up. I now feel a totally different person and am much more positive and enjoying life. Lou is great at what she does and do not be afraid to give it a go, you will certainly benefit from it.’

(Richard, 2023)

‘I have a better understanding of the reason for anxiety and its purpose. This has made me feel so much better about myself and I no longer feel "broken" but have an understanding that it is normal and natural to be anxious and that historically anxiety served a purpose. I've suffered with emetophobia since I was a child and had given up hope that this was something I could overcome as it is notoriously difficult to treat. For the first time in my life when I feel sick I no longer panic and I cannot articulate how wonderful it is not to live every day in constant fear that I will be sick.’

(Daniella, 2023)

‘lovely service from a friendly and knowledgeable person’

(Laura, 2023)

‘Lou was highly professional, skilled, and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. She took the time to understand my concerns and triggers and tailored the sessions accordingly. She also explained the science behind hypnosis and how it can help reprogram my subconscious mind to overcome my anxiety.

During the sessions, I felt deeply relaxed, calm, and focused. The hypnosis induced a state of deep relaxation where my mind was more receptive to positive suggestions and affirmations. Lou helped me to imagine a future where I was free from anxiety.

After each session, I felt lighter, more at peace, and in control of my emotions. Over time, I noticed a significant improvement in my anxiety levels as I applied the strategies that we had discussed and no longer felt overwhelmed by everyday stressors, and my overall well-being improved.

Overall, I would highly recommend Lou’s hypnosis to anyone struggling with anxiety or other mental health issues. ’

(Anonymous, 2023)

‘The sessions with Lou really helped me to understand how my own way of thinking was affecting how I was feeling. I learnt techniques to help me think and react to life in a more positive way and also how important it is to take time to take care of myself. The therapy has really changed my life for the better and I can't thank Lou enough’

(Anonymous, 2023)

‘I began seeing Lou as I had been trying to lose weight and had hit a brick wall. Lou put me at ease from the first session; she is very professional, knowledgeable, warm and friendly. She listened carefully to my issues, tailoring my sessions accordingly. I have learnt so much about how the mind works, and this helps me deal with the issues that have led to my lack of progress in my weight loss journey. Lou was also very helpful and supportive with a couple of other issues I was dealing with. I am now a much more positive person than I was at the start, the weight is slowly coming off and I am eating more healthily and exercising regularly. I am confident I will get to where I want to be. ’

(Diane, 2023)

‘I really enjoyed the combination of the academic understanding of my brain and thought processes, the practical sessions and tools provided and the meditations.’

‘I can't recommend Louise enough. Don't hesitate get booked in and you will start benefiting from session one’

(Callum, 2023)

‘I was struggling with my confidence, low self esteem and always feeling like I wasn't good enough. Louise taught me to look for the positives in each day and also gave me the meditations to help me relax and to sleep better. By the end of the sessions i felt like I was a different person. I can highly recommend Louise. I wouldn't go to anyone else. ’

(Sharon, 2023)

‘I stumbled across Louise’s website when I was struggling with my emetophobia and felt that I was never going to get any help. I arranged an initial consultation with Lou who listened to what I wanted to achieve by attending the sessions and clearly explained how she was going to help/support me. I continued to attend weekly sessions for a period of time and during every appointment Lou was always extremely friendly and kind! I left every session feeling relaxed and like I had been helped which was what I wanted to achieve. I would 100% recommend Lou!’

(Lily, 2023)

‘I’ve had a fantastic experience with Louise, she is so welcoming and always made me feel comfortable. I feel so much better in myself since starting my sessions, in relation to my phobia but also overall generally! I will always recommend her service, she has greatly improved areas of my life I have tried working on for years! ’

(Emma, 2024)

Full client commitment is important, results may vary and success is not guaranteed.